• We assess functional behavior (FBA) and create a behavior intervention plan to modify or change any behavior as per your wishes or concerns.

We will focus on the culture of your (patient’s) family, its relevant characteristics and traditions to come up with a holistic and tailored strategy.

  • We conduct Direct Behavior Analysis Therapy at the relevant environments, including the School, Home, and Community.

Our therapeutic approach, in this case, is highly sensitive to culture.

  • We supervise cases painstakingly.

Our team of culturally aware clinical personnel supervises the cases with due respect and sensitivity to the patient’s culture at home, their family values, and the language spoken at home.

  • We offer customized instruction-based programs

You can expect a program built around the specific elements of the patient’s family traditions and cultural values.

  • We help in the development of social skills and healthy playing skills

These skills are specially developed around the family culture and values, and the specific age group of the patient.

  • We train parents and caregivers

The most important aspect our professional clinicians do before beginning the training sessions is learning their traditions, cultural values, unique situations, and defining characteristics. We find this important to be adequately sensitive to culture.

The parents and caregivers are then trained on the best ways to modify the behavior of their child and maintain positive changes.